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Watch our social media for updates on our 2023 season!

We are working on our 2023 inventory and plant sales, and we are upgrading our growing facilities in CU! We're excited for the new season. Watch our social media and website for all updates.


We offer eco-design on a contract basis. Once temps start to warm up, we'll be able to schedule consultations for design work. 

Support ecology with your yard.

What's with the caterpillar?


According to entomologist Doug Tallamy, caterpillars -- not worms! -- are a mama bird’s top choice to feed her young, and when they do survive, caterpillars turn into the "flying flowers" we love so much: butterflies and moths. There is a direct link between loss of caterpillar habitat and loss of bird species, so caterpillars are keystone critters in the food web that sustains life on the planet. Because of the highly specialized relationships between insects and native plants, without those plants, we lose the caterpillars, and the ecosystem breaks down. More native plants mean more caterpillars. More caterpillars mean more butterflies and birds -- and more life -- for everyone!

Our logo is the spicebush swallowtail caterpillar (Papilio troilus), possibly one of the cutest cats on earth. Illinois host plants for this butterfly are spicebush (Lindera benzoin) and sassafras (Sassafras albidum).

About Us

At The Well Fed Caterpillar, we sell a large selection of seed grown native plants from wild type genetics.


We also contract regenerative designs using almost exclusively native, wild-type plants. The focus of designs we offer are: building healthy soil, preserving and enhancing nutrient cycling, creating wildlife habitat, providing productive and healthy agricultural spaces, and cleaning and preserving our water resources.

Our Services

Our services include:


  • Native Plant Sales

  • Custom Landscape Designs

  • Soil testing

  • Consultation

  • Education

Please know that you can purchase plants directly from us *anytime*, not just at our plant sales. Watch for event details here and on our social media! 
Mother's Day Sale at Sleepy Creek Vineyards 

Sunday, May 14, 2023, time TBD

Sleep Creek Vineyards

8254 E 1425 North Rd
Fairmount, IL 61841

Our second annual plant sale out at Sleepy Creek Vineyards! We'll have some new species, and Sleepy Creek will have live bands and food trucks. Come on out for a glass of wine and your first spring 2023 native plants!

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